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Actual Projects

Borgo Teresiano Triest

Just completed! DVF ESTATE has built 21 high-quality apartments in an inner-city Palazzo in Trieste / Italy. As with all DVF ESTATE projects, particular attention was paid to sustainability. A building from the 18th century has been revitalized here with great attention to detail. The building was completely gutted and restored using the latest technology. It's a landmark in the developing of the Northern Italian coastal city.

Palazzo Machiavelli Triest interior
Palazzo Machiavelli Triest

Machiavelli Triest

The 18th century palace was in ruins when DVF Estate acquired it. The planning was supervised with great attention to detail and the renovation began in 2019. Completion is expected in October 2022 .

29 high-quality downtown apartments are being built, complemented by in-house parking spaces. The highly attractive location makes the project a new jewel in the historic city center of Trieste.

Lazzaretto Vecchio Triest

In the center of Trieste, a new luxury property is being reconstructed on 8,200m2.  Restaurants and a city spa are to be built here on the ground floor.  A boutique hotel will be opened on the upper floor and high-quality luxury apartments will be built on the upper floors.  DVF Estate has acquired this Palazzo and will complete it by 2023.

Hotel Pasteur Milan

DVF ESTATE has acquired an existing hotel and is in the process of completely renovating and repositioning it.

The 161 residences will be operated by an international chain. With the life style oriented concept and the new garden the new residence hotel will be a hotspot in fashion oriented Milan.

The opening is planned for June 2022.

Garden House Triest

The 5.000m2 property was acquired by DVF ESTATE. A new building is being built here with 72 high-quality apartments and an underground car park. The 3,500m2 garden gives this project a special attraction in the urban center of Trieste.

Construction work will begin in March 2021 and completion is scheduled for the end of 2023.

Garden House Triest 01
Garden House Triest 02
Borgo Teresiano
Palazzo Machiavelli
Pasteur Milan
Garden House
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